Melanie Dijkstra MSc Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

Coaching since 2016

There is so much to explore in this world. I know as anybody else that life can sometimes pressure us. Especially in this world where everything seems possible, literally everything can be found on the internet, and it is expected from us we continiously develop ourselves. It is easy to get carried away by opinions or stories of others in what our lives should look like. Staying close to what YOU actually want and living up to this can be challenging. Usually when we talk with others they want to help us with the best intentions. But by giving suggestions they do not realise they are taking away from our own capacity to come up with solutions and steps foward. This exactly is where coaching comes in to play. As a coach I am focussed on helping you explore what it is you truly want, by not taking your answers for granted, but looking further than what you are saying, and curiously asking you about this. Seeing life as a continuous process of life long learning through taking bold actions in life is what I stand for as a coach. Whether you have experience with coaching or if you have never had a coaching conversation before, lets explore what we can do together. You can book in a free consultation through the below link, no strings attached.


''She keeps asking questions and she doesn't stop when the awnser is: I don't know. She does this in a pleasant way, she gives me the space to think without filling in to much. No awnswer is wrong which opens up the ambiance. I also think that a bit of a laugh is very important.''

'' It made me activily look again for what I like and what I would like to do in the future when it comes to education and work.''



Free Consultation

In this free consultation we are going to find out if we want to work together by speaking about what you would like to get out of the sessions, and by speaking about what exactly I can offer. With this we can find out if I can help you take steps forward. We only start working together if this is a clear YES for both of us. Otherwise I might be able to transfer you to one of my fellow coaches or other professionals. 

Coaching Package

Book 6 sessions with me and get one session of these for free. After the free consultation you are able to purchase a single coaching session, or packages of multiple coaching sessions. You are simply able to use the calendar to book in the sessions at times I am available.