Published on 3 September 2018 at 16:48

A little less than a year ago I started my minor coaching during my graduation year. During the first lesson I was Immediately grabbed by coaching and the various theories that came with it. I saw a lot of recognition in everything that was told, because this was a correlated with the thing that previously had helped me to transform my problems into a new perspective for the future. I had never experienced this in my entire study time; I printed out all the information I could find for the module and started reading it directly. I looked forward to every lesson because I know from the bottom of my heart coaching is something that can actually help people in their lives. It struck me that I was asking questions in the lessons. But this was not enough for me; I wanted to know and learn more. Earlier, before I started coaching, I thought about using the time during my cleaning work in a more effective way. The idea came up to listen an audio language course, but I never actually kept going with this. On the internet I was looking for online courses about psychology and coaching, and I found some, but they cost a lot of money. I decided to ask my coaching teacher for advice, possibly he knew whether these listening courses were worth while the mone; Well he said; ' I actually learn the best when I hear people talking about particular subjects. I asked where he did this and he indicated that he sometimes listened to podcasts through a Podcast App when he was on the road in the car. A podcast? I had never heard of that before.

After my teacher gave some ideas for some podcasts, I started listening during my next day of cleaning work. The first podcasts I listened to were in English, which I was struggling with to understand in the beginning. Now that I have been listening to an English-language podcast almost every day for about half a year, this seems to have become a second mother tongue. Besides my English language made big leaps, I get a lot of information from these podcasts. For the most part I listen to podcasts about personal development, coaching, (positive) psychology, inspiration, spirituality (think not too directly that I am woolly), entrepreneurship, sexuality, happiness and success. These podcasts help me to think about these subjects and let me grow my own opinions. In my opinion, it is important you should not just think everything is true that is being said. This attends to podcasts, but also for all other sources where information comes from. All information you read, see or listen is designed from the perspective of the person who produced it. When it comes to the Daily News, a documentary and also for reading a blog like this. Do not take for granted what is being said and try to reflect on what is the actual truth. The moment I started with podcast listening I browsed the whole app for podcasts that seemed interesting to me. This made me subscribe to more than 100 Podcasts in one time. Although I wasn't interested in one more than the other, I've been listening to about seven podcasts at that time. I managed to follow these podcasts, but it was a pity I didn't listen to those other potentially good podcasts. When I was told that there was new cleaning work for me, I knew that this would be the time to complete the entire list of subscribed Podcasts, after this let the most interesting ones stay in my list, and I could say goodbye to the ones that I currently attach less value to. Now, three weeks later, I've listened to more than 100 podcasts, and there are were 10 podcasts that I have found most interesting and I'm sure I'll listen to this ones (it's not in a particular order);

1. All In The Mind-AMC RN (nearly 26,000 people listening to this)
2. Happier With Gretchen Rubin (Over 50,000 people)
3. Hidden Brain (over 300,000 people)
4. Sex With Emily (almost 17,000 people)
5. Sexy Soul Radio (Women's transformation coach)
6. Speaking Or Psychology (almost 8,000 subscribed)
7. The Joe Rogan Experience (around 760,000 subscribed)
8. The Positive Psychology Podcast (Yellow and Blue icon)

9.100% Inspiration Pocast -Thijs Lama (over 1,000 people)
10. Talking about consciousness 

In my opinion, there are still many people who don't know about podcasts or who know about it but don't listen to it. I find this a pity because there are podcasts in almost all areas of interest and most podcasts are up To Date and made sure to inform you about a particular subject. Do you ever listen to a podcast? What are you listening to? What do you think someone or yourself can extract from a podcast? Can you really learn a podcast and are you actually getting smarter through it? These last two questions keep me busy. I have noticed that I get a lot of knowledge from this and it formed me for a part as a human being. I wonder if research has been carried out here. Let's hear someone say that they should actually listen to more podcasts and I wonder if this is the case for more people. If so, at what times would you be able to listen to more podcasts in your life?

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