Doing Nothing

Published on 10 September 2018 at 12:07

What do I want to convey on others? What are I really doing myself in my life? These are questions that I have just asked myself and from that I would like to talk about doing nothing. This may seem to be a very empty and boring subject in the first instance, but I think that here is certainly more about it and to note than that you would initially think. Just over a week back, I had my last day at the cleaning work I did for a number of weeks. I realised that I now had an awful lot of time to do everything I would like to do before I leave for London. Blog writing, completing my online course, making a start on your own podcast and doing a lot with friends and family. This may seem like the blog I've written on temptations, but I want to shine another light on the gene that you do when you're not doing what you actually really would like to do. Instead of actively working on what you want or possibly actively solve a problem, rather have to undergo a passive activity or passively deal with your problems. What I've noticed to myself this past week is that I can quickly opt for the passive, as this seems to be the easiest and most satisfying choice in the moment. Watching a movie or getting out of a ' difficult ' conversation is very pleasant at the moment, but it can cause less well-being in the long term because it is not actively working on solving the problem.

I found out that it was difficult for me personally to see the dividing line, or to feel it, between having a rest moment or passively dealing with certain things. I have become more and more aware of this because I have been paying attention to this in the last six months. At the moment the activity I do gives energy, I know that I have a real recharge or resting moment. When I feel that the energy has been sucked out of my body, I know that I might actually have been able to do something else to keep my energy on the arrow. This sounds pretty simple, but I think many people here totally do not dwell and that they are being lived through the day and the others around them. How about this for you? To what extent are you aware of where you do and do not get energy from? At this time there is always and everywhere information to find about anything and everything. Our phones never stand still. There is always someone who sent you a message, posted a new photo, or another new news update. The last we look at before we go to sleep and the first we wake up is our phone. Now you probably think; I've heard this so many times, so you have to name it again (I know because I've heard it myself 100 times). I want you to think about what this means to you in your life. Would you like to sit less on your phone? If so, why don't you do that? What would you do with the time you keep

It seems to be proven that it is good to do nothing at all and really come to yourself. It was not necessarily my intention to Mindfulness To begin with, but that has to do with this. By standing still, you can better see where you stand in your life and how you reconsider yourself in this. By continuously raginging and engaging in things outside of yourself, you can lose how you are actually feeling about a situation and what you could do best in this. Your body is a handy tool to find out where you should and should not go. Often it is described as a gut feeling, but I think it goes far beyond that. The first time I did breathing exercises in my body, I noticed that I had real feeling in different body parts. This probably sounds rather vague, but until then I have always lived in my head. What my head wanted was law and signals from my body were totally ignored, because I was not aware of how important these really are. I believe that if you do not pay attention to this, that the signals or symptoms at any given time go so Shouting that you have to do something about it, which can be expressed in a physical illness with possibly a psychological background. A body scan can be a nice means to find out what you feel in your body. It can help to use an app, where a voice accompanies you. I myself have used the app below to learn to listen to what my body needs. This can help to break (unhealthy) patterns into your life. Last week, for example, I wanted a box of muesli to work inwards as breakfast, but by standing still at my body, I felt that my mouth was still very much of my drawn wisdom. I was wondering what my body needed at that time to function better. Then I chose a bowl of Brinta, which caused me to break through a pattern and save myself a lot of pain. Once again this sounds very simple, but often I'm not myself 100 percent aware of what I need and with it a lot of others I think too, causing them to eventually overload their bodies. How is this for you? Do you ever overload your body? Do you know this then and what could you have done to prevent this from occurring?

Okay A little deviated from the topic ' doing nothing ' but really Really Doing nothing does not exist for us as human beings. 


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