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Published on 29 September 2018 at 17:59

Now that I'm over a week in London, I started preparing for my Master. It was an incredibly busy week and it has passed by really quick. Earlier this week I wanted to write my blog, but much has going on around me that I found it very difficult to think of what I should write about. At first, I wanted to talk about new habits, because I read somewhere that it can be beneficial to start new habits when your environment/situation changes. I want to do this bad but with everything that has happened around me, I still have the idea that I don't have the control over my life yet. Last week I had a conversation with someone who also lives on campus. We wondered how many people on this campus or perhaps in the world,  do not do what they want themselves and where they get happy or energy from. How many people do not feel in control about their own lives? because they were accidentally rolled into a particular life? Maybe I shouldn't see this too black and white. There are probably people who do what they like, but maybe never thought about the fact that something else might fit them even better. Also, It's not that easy; When you are quite young you already have to choose which direction you want to go, regarding work. When people ask what you want to do later, they usually target one specific profession, while your interests may change over the years. In my opinion, we should abandon that idea of one profession in the future and focus more on what is now our interest in it. By always thinking about this and becoming aware of what you want, it is almost impossible to end up in a job that takes the energy out of you, which otherwise could have ended up in a burn-out. 


Why was I writing about this again? Oh yes, I wanted to zoom in on what positive psychology is and why I think positive psychology will be applied in all areas of life in the future. You get what you focus on and in PP you focus on what you DO want ( to reach). Ultimately, we want what we want and not what we don't want. Yesterday I went to the library in Stratford and there I read from several books that all go on positive psychology. It was fascinating for me to read about the origins of this and the historical timeline. Some people are saying that positive psychology has started around 1990 by Martin's work Seligman, but this method is used since the times of the Greeks. They looked at how they could train their athletes so that they could get the very best out of themselves. However, it is almost logical that PP has come up in psychology this late. There have been many adverse events in the world, which made people interested in the reason why these were created. What is psychologically wrong with people that, for example, wars arise. Because there has been so much suffering and has been in the world, people want to make sure that this suffering disappears, which is dealt with by regular psychology. What exactly is the problem, and how can we solve it, were the questions that were specially asked. The later coming up of PP has also with the Negativity To make Bias that people have, which helps you to survive; By going from the worst you are also prepared for the most horrible (deadliest) thing that can happen. This has led to an evolution that only the people with an NB are left in this world. So We are strongly inclined to solve what goes wrong. In recent years, PP has become extremely popular, which I believe is because the focus has been on the negative for so long. It is essential that both the negative and the positive sides of people are in balance. It is not possible to look at black and white, because no person is only good or bad, even though it may seem so.


The rise of the PP is, in my opinion, partly distracting from the fact that there is generally a great deal of prosperity around the world and that this gives us the opportunity and the space to look beyond the life of a standard/okay life. Positive psychology goes to my idea; To get everything out of life, the life of one for you could live well with it (learning) being able to cope with all the negative and positive what you are going to come across in your life. It challenges you to look further at what your unique traits are, which makes you truly happy and meaningful in your life. Many people think it is too late to really go for it and find it realistic and therefore do as if it does not exist. I hope that people, whether or not by positive psychology, find the will and courage to open their eyes and be aware of where they stand in life and where they want to go. This may sound vague, but I think it is worth it if I can put someone thinking about it. Next week we start the first real lessons of the Master and I have a lot of sense in it. The unusual thing is that I still almost cannot believe that I can here with everything that happened last year; What I am going to study is what helped me to get my life back on the ride. I know it works and I hope that in the future many more people will be helped. Last week I recorded my first podcast. If you haven't listened to it, you can find a link below:




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