Being Different

Published on 4 October 2018 at 12:08

Being different , This title came up in my head at the time I wanted to start writing my blog. At first I thought; no, I actually can't write anything about this, but because it suddenly came into me, I started thinking about it anyway. Most people heard the saying; ' Be yourself ' there are already enough others. This blog reminds me of the blog I've written about being authentic, but I think this topic is a little bit different from that. To ' be different' feels like it is a paradox; In one way, you want to be yourself and be different from others, but on the other hand you also want to be accepted by others, so you will naturally adapt to the group you attend. And yes, There are those who say that they are adapting for nothing and no one, but I wonder to what extent this is effective. You may feel better because you always stay with yourself, but you are going to miss the chance of beautiful contacts. I think it is tolerated at this time to be different and not to go along with the crowd all the time. Think of the hipster culture that has been growing in recent Years. The ironic thing about this is that there are a lot of Hipsters' it almost seems that they are actually not original with their style anymore. In most clothing stores, the hipster style can be found everywhere. We feel we should be different, why? This may have something to do with the fact that we all have a sense of who we are ourself, you can only experience what you are experiencing, not what others feel, smell, etc. Because of this you may also have a feeling that you are different from Others. Actually I'm speculating here, but I want to share my thoughts with you about all this.Ddo you have the idea that you are different from others? Do you want to be different from others or do you find it more comfortable to go along with the big crowd? Have you ever even thought about this?

When I take a look at myself I think I'm a bit of both; I want to do my own thing, but it can also feel good to be part of a group. Now that I'm here in London and I look back over the last half year, I can see that I was able to distinguish myself continuously from most people around me, because there are not many people who go to study abroad in this way. I was asked if I didn't think it was good enough to stay in the Netherlands and find work there. I never thought about it because I knew I was the right path for Me. Now that I am here I do notice that I am no longer different than others with the people around Me. Everyone starts a new study  and we are all on a level we can do this study. I think that is awesome, because I know that I will learn a lot from the people around Me. In addition to having chosen myself to do so, I think I have had a lot of privileges, which allowed me to live a good life. Last week I saw a movie on Linkdin About privileges that different people Have. The movie started with youngsters who were on par and a Game sufferer Told what the game Held. They had to run a race to win 100 Dollars. Then he mentioned all kinds of privileges, where you could take a step forward if this were for you, which actually made the game Unfair. It was explained that life is not always fair, but that it does not mean that you should not try it in the life (the race). Maybe I'm wandering a bit of the subject here, but I really found this a good example to show that you don't always have a choice to suffer a certain life. In some cases you have a choice and not in Others. Okay I have written this piece in between, the following again reconnects when choosing to be Different. 

Although I think that sometimes it may be good to adapt to a situation, I think it really can have a lot of value to express your own Opinion. I have Ever heard in a podcast that it can actually be better so that people don't allow you to be the person you really are, rather that they shouldn't give you to the person you're not really. During my third year internship, I noticed that I wanted to say something very often or wanted to do something, but that I did not do this very often because I thought this would be wrong. I was really very hard at getting myself to do it. This resulted in the fact that I could not bring out many of my feelings and emotions at the end of the Way. This I tried to push away as much as possible, so it looked fine for the outside; That is the Allermakkelijkste Yet?  Not So. At some point you're going to get this up, maybe you feel too much or not appropriate for the situation at the moment, but know; You are also a person with feelings and emotions. It is very difficult at first to feel what emotions and feelings are. Did you ever happen to get stuck? That you do not know if/how to express yourself to others? What are the times when you really had no trouble with this? And what came this?


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