Self control

Published on 8 November 2018 at 12:42

Last week I followed lessons on the body and mind connection, biochemistry, self-control and physical movement and well-being. What I find great about the lessons I follow, that it is subjects that everyone is going to do or not in everyday life. This means, of course, that it also concerns me. By applying what I learn during my studies, I can not only help others but also myself to be better in life and flourish more. I have noticed that we do not always need to know a model or a way to solve a particular problem. Often it seems to be enough to become aware of One What occurs, One That you stop to be your (best) self. A topic that I personally had to jump over the last week was: self-control. That I heard this word in the first instance, there were instant alarm calls from me and I thought directly to all the places I can't keep myself under control regularly. 

Research seems to show that you only have a certain number of stimuli One day you can check yourself. For example if you stop yourself from eating a nice fresh biscuit and then you have to concentrate on your homework, you can probably control yourself less to not YouTube Movie To look at it, then when you don't have to stop yourself from eating the biscuit. It is said that you can use energy only once, and I think you should be aware of what matters you are spending your energy on. We may think it is nothing if we make ourselves busy cleaning the house or that we are absorbed by our phone, but in reality ' wasting ' we have our energy here that we had in other matters Can Stop. This also appears to be similar to Mindfulness In my opinion. Make sure your energy goes more or only to the things you really care about, you have more time to do these things. This allows you to live more in the moment and I am still convinced that only in moments in the present can happiness be experienced. If you think back to the past or think about the future you can experience positive or negative emotions, but for now they are fetched to experience them. 

Consider what moments you are putting your energy in things that you really do not care about. What kind of things do you actually care for? What could you do to better distribute your energy (control)? These questions were clear to me this morning. When I pile up in the morning I always have a lot of things to do, which cost me a lot of energy and control. Because I think this morning in everything I did to consider whether it was worth it, I noticed that the answer to that question was very often no; I can use this energy for something else in a better way. Now I'm not saying that you don't have to do anything that costs you a lot of energy. If you want something quite like it is in my idea useful to not continually stop your energy in doing the activity, but start stopping your energy in creating a habit. Once something has become a habit, it costs much less energy to maintain your behavior. 

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