Published on 18 November 2018 at 18:33

What do you think first when reading this word? And do you have a positive or rather a negative Feeling about it? Discipline is an incredibly important aspect in life. You can have countless good ideas, but if you have no discipline to make them come to reality, you might as well keep dreaming forever. Last week I listened to the podcast of Caty Pasternak. She is a coach and talks in her podcast about various topics when it comes to personal development and coaching. Last weeks I constantly wondered why I did not always manage to work on my master, especially at times when I had a lot of time to spend on this. It could not be about my motivation because I think the study and the assignments are Extremely interesting. Whenever I started an assignment I could no longer concentrate than for a few minutes. Because my thoughts always strayed to other things, I could not stay focused on what is actually happening, what happened in the moment. It seems strange, maybe it also sounds crazy, but in my opinion Caty Always exactly know what I need in my own life, when making her podcast. Her previous podcast talked about how you can use energy in a more effective way in your life and how you actually give up your power when you put energy into things which are not going to bring you any value. I found out that I gave my energy away every time to things like eating or by stressing out about doing other things like doing the laundry.

It seems to be linked to my previous blog about self-control, but in my opinion discipline is a quite different. Before I listened to Catys podcast, I thought the blame was on other things, that I couldn't concentrate on my assignments. It may also be related to mindfulness. This can be described as the skill to focus your attention on one particular thing, such as your breathing. By doing mindfulness meditation you can train yourself to focus on other things for a longer time, such as doing work or studying. There are, of course, many different aspects of why you do something or not. Never before I have been thinking about the major role discipline can play in this. Often, discipline is perceived as something negative, something that strains control of you. If you experienced discipline, like myself, always (unconsciously) as something negative, it seems logical that you prefer not to apply it in your own life. 

I want to challenge you and myself when it comes to Discipline and see what discipline can do for us. At the moment I thought of the moments from my life in which I showed discipline I thought; I don't  have those moments, I often work at the moment I feel good, when I feel I'm ready. This can be a positive, but it can also make my work a bit messy and structure less. When I think about the fact that I showed discipline, I often did so because the goal was captured by the outside world. I worked from a kind of fear of not failing. The moment this discipline came more out of me was during my diet, from which I developed my eating problems. No wonder I'd rather avoid discipline. But what if we are going to look at discipline differently. From the previous story it appears that I can show discipline whether or not from external motivation. Discipline can be an incredibly powerful tool to reach wherever you want to go. If you have a clear picture of your goals and what steps you need to take to achieve your goals, a healthy dose of discipline is indispensable. Everyone can show discipline if you really want to go for it. So.... where in your life did you show discipline, where would you want to put your discipline even more in order to grow yourself? Eventually your discipline will reward you

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