Published on 10 December 2018 at 14:58

Life is not just sunshine and moonlight, which is something  probably everyone is aware of. Even if you choose to do what you find incredibly awesome to do, it is in our nature to always keep looking for problems. I have been able to experience that in the situation in which I am now. The first number of weeks of my studies were like I was living on a pink cloud, now I could really finally totally deposit at One What I find so interesting to keep me busy with. However, it slowly started to gnawing me that not everything was really going on as I would like it to be. Despite this I wanted to keep feeling good, and without me I had to look for distractions from my unreasonable ' negative ' feelings about certain things like finances or the amount of reading work of the study. This made regular (not always) that I forgot the problems and therefore did not come up with appropriate solutions to deal with these small or big problems. Negative feelings and emotions are like a signal to indicate that you have to do something to deal with your problems. You can do something directly to deal with the problem or something can be done in your head (mentally) in order to cope better with the problem.


Last week I started reading a book that it ' the subtle art of not giving a f*ck'. Now that I have read about sixty pages, I would like to have some lessons learned from this book. Although I have never read an English book for this, I am quite sure that this book will keep me fascinated. It does not matter in the book that you just have to give something nowhere, it lets you think about what matters are really important to you; You have a limited number of fucks (Energy and time) that you can spend in your life, so choose what is prerequisite for you. It is onvoorkomelijk That as a human being you encounter problems in your life and the way you live your life depends on the way it deals with it. A positive outcome is often achieved from difficulties and struggles, which people often want to get out of the way. Where a negative outcome seems to come from cases that are more in the present Comfortable To do. The simplest example I can think of is going to the gym. You can choose not to go, which makes you feel more relaxed in the moment than running on a treadmill, but then you feel highly waarschiijnlijk More lifeless than you could have gone. This money also for keeping difficult conversations, reading complicated literature and I am sure you can think of some examples.


Many people have a dream or purpose, which is of course super nice, but do not stand still what they really need to do to achieve this. Thanks to the media, people have a high standard of the person they must be, and if they cannot achieve this, they are in a victim role, as this is a way of getting attention as a human being. It seems not to be enough to be able to live in the middle bracket. When you have goals, you have to be good at what to do and give up to achieve this goal. It will not just come to blow and there will be negative emotions, but if you continue this can lead to what you want. And then.. There are new problems again. According to the writer, happiness stems from the continued ability to cope with problems and negative feelings. The writer can articulate it nicely in his book and if this aroused your interest I would recommend to read his book. One part of the piece I've read focuses on it you don't pretend to be something that you're not, please be satisfied with who you are. As a coach, this is a contradictory statement as a coach helps someone to get more out of themselves. However, I do agree that you are honestly Must be against yourself when it comes to who you are and what you can. This does not mean that you can grow it.  

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