Second wave of Positive Psychology

Published on 8 December 2018 at 15:09

Now that I have spent more than two months studying positive Psychology I have gained many different insights about what positive psychology actually means and what we as people can do about it. As I have discussed more often in my blog, positive psychology is not just about happiness, happiness and the Good life. Positive psychology focusses Focus on what we want to go to instead of trying to understand where our problems come from forever. This is also a very important point where coaching focuses on, but in my experience I have also clearly seen that this is not the only thing you should pay attention to in life. About two weeks back, together with a number of fellow students and teachers, I went to a pub near the campus where the lectures were given. Here I got into conversation with one of the teachers and I asked him what box he gave. He indicated that he did not teach in my program, but that he teaches lectures in the master counselling. He told me something I had heard more often but was actually touched in the background of my consciousness; Counseling is the foundation on which coaching and PP continue Building. After having talked to him, I have often thought back to this since I had the feeling that something fundamental was lacking during my master's. Counseling is in essence deeper into the origins of certain thoughts on behavior, so you can better understand yourself and from here can act better.

When I saw everything last week, I felt lost and disorientated. My head couldn't help why I felt so rotten, so I was drowning in negative thoughts. This morning I listened to a podcast about the passing of relatively small problems to a clinical disease. It shook me again just as well waking up how it is possible for anyone to get a clinical problem like depression, an anxiety disorder or what else is falling. We associate We do not like to bring ourselves here and prefer to put it outside of ourselves, but if you think it cannot happen to you, you are most vulnerable to this. All these disorders are, in my opinion, seen as something great and negative, people prefer not to touch them or do not know what to do when they encounter it themselves or in their environment. Here we come to the second wave of positive psychology. This ' second wave ' as it is mentioned in the books of my Teachers (Kate Hefforon et al. 2016), focused Not only on increasing positive emotions and meaning in life, but it focuses mainly on embracing the difficult and negative times and emotions in life. 

This sounds very very nice, if we just embrace the negative side then our life is fine. In practice, I have found that this is much more difficult than it initially seems. At the moment you are in a rotten situation you would prefer to do everything to make you feel better again, even if you are aware that an emotion is volatile and at some point again passes, you still want to change something; Can't I do anything or I can't do better here otherwise overna Think. Maybe we think here most times not even aware overna, many of the things we do unconsciously in life have, to my mind, been created for a large part by eliminating our negative feelings or because we cannot do anything; Eating, smoking, drinking and other addictive habits can be avoided. However, I think it is important to be really aware of it (ondankt That it may already ee cliche is) that the positive can not exist without the negative. If you don't let the negative be there in life and this Tries To extinguish, you unconsciously and unintentionally also very beautiful positive feelings out. Stand still that something that seems to be positive in the moment, this is not always in hindsight and this money also for negativity. You never know what Followed Negative or positive event, even in positive Psychology Talk about preventing Post-traumatic growth, in which someone after a traumatic event can transcend his ' normal ' level of well-being. In my opinion, Stress and negativity are almost never for nothing, it is a signal that something needs to be changed in your life, of which you are probably a big part. This way you can eventually get more out of life.

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