Published on 29 December 2018 at 16:07

Development is something we are all come in contact with during our lives. As a human being we grow like everything around us, from child to adult we grow literally bigger. After this we do not stop, we grow mentally further when we are physically done with growing. Now that I am at the beginning of my adult life, it becomes clear to me that it is paramount to how you are in your head. It is not always easy, in life we encounter obstacles, but also very good moments. Sometimes I wonder what we are all doing now, we give ourselves a meaning in life because we have the idea that we are here for something we can wake up in the morning. But how true is it what all around us has happened? It all has to do with how we are put together and how we are programmed to think, how we are brought up. Living in London and meeting students from all over the world let me reflect on how I look at the world. It may sound cliche, but it strikes me that in the Netherlands we have good for each other, especially when it comes to health care. In many countries there is no safety net for people who are struggling, where in the Netherlands support is available to strengthen your own strength if you need it. 

Despite the fact that we all live under good circumstances , there are still problems in society, which are often the things that emerge in the media. It is striking to me that we always see the extremes of events in the media. Or we see what goes terribly wrong, or we see what fantastic has occurred. Where the news mainly highlights the low points, social Especially the best sides of the media. In my opinion, this gives a false picture of reality, as many moments in life are not so spectacular. And yet we use what we see as a yardstick for our own lives. In spite of this, I believe that there is a current trend in which people become increasingly aware of their own norms and values and make them less dependent on what is imposed on them from the outside. This comes to my mind because people are increasingly going to listen to themselves (and the body), to determine which path you are walking as an individual. Because we listen to it, it is possible to do things in your life in which you get the most out of yourself and therefore can give the most back to the world. When it comes to mental health, only the absent of a mental disorder not enough anymore.

When people take responsibility for things that don't go so well in their lives, they are looking at how they can change to address the situation in a different way next time. This makes it possible to be able to develop as a person. If we think that all the problems we face are outside ourselves, we will always keep pointing fingers and never change our comfortable selves. It's not easy to ask yourself what else you could have done or where you might be wrong in the story. Sometimes it's easier to lie to yourself by pretending that you have done well and are right. Here you miss the opportunity to gain new insights about yourself and to develop as a human being. By having standards and values for yourself, you can always weigh your actions here. I have noticed that there can be a big difference in pronouncing and actually executing your values and norms. How do you think about this? In what sense do you take responsibility if something (negative) happened? How do your norms and values actually fit in with the actions you take in daily life? How could you bring it even closer together?


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