What is Coaching?

Coaching is getting helped by having conversations. This conversation is confidential and it is the place to talk about the things YOU want. I listen to you and I am here for you, objective and without judgement. Coaching can help you to change your life. Being happy in your relationship, no financial stress, being more confident, feel balanced between work and privatly, rest in your head? This is all possible! It is about what you need. 

Coaching sessions

When you sign up for coaching, you will plan 1, 3 or 6 coaching sessions with me after we got to know eachother through a FREE consulation. This sessions will take place at the moments which are suitable for you through online Zoom calls or at a pre-agreed (neutral) spot like a coffee place or a hotel lobby.

The duration of a coaching session is 50 minutes.

For who?

At the time you want to grow in the field of work, during your study or in your leisure time. We all walk in to difficult situations from time to time. This does not have to mean there is something wrong with us. Living a life we can look back at with a sense of fufillment, is essential for me and my clients. Making bold statements and approaching life with courage is what makes my clients unique. 

During my study I got working experience with a a lot of different people and ages.

I am particularly focused on personal development, courage and confidence building.